Posted by: Steven | 2009/11/26

Hello; I’m Steven!

I moved something like fifteen times while living in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. I’ve travelled in the united states from Miami to Seattle, and I’ve had the unique opportunity to visit China. This year, when I moved to Phoenix with Rebekah, it finally became obvious to me that if I ever had roots, they had long since evolved into wheels, wings or some other mode of transport.

In kindergarten, when my class was standing and sharing with each other “what we want to be when we grow up,” I said “I want to be a philosopher.” At that time I hadn’t realized yet that most past “philosophers” were thought to be crazy by their peers, if not still today.

I learned a lot in the three states and five school systems I went through before graduating high school, but unfortunately I never found out what I most like learning. That there are plenty of things that I enjoy doing and learning about only makes it more difficult to pursue a specific career path. Several example topics I find enjoyable are technology, photography, science, and heuristics (the way things are learned). I find things like computer networks, electric cars, and space exploration to be fascinating, in part or in whole due to the multi-disciplined knowledge that makes them possible.

So, while I’ve tentatively decided to pursue deeper knowledge in IT for the sake of moving forward, my mind is constantly looking for directions I can take to broaden my fields of knowledge as well.  I’m really excited to be participating in this great learning adventure, and I can’t wait to share the experience!

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