Posted by: Chrystall | 2009/12/29

Day 2: Beach to Burj

Small waves on the Persian Gulf didn't deter surfers.

I love the beach, so starting our second day in Dubai at a beautiful beach in sight of the Burj Al Arab AND within walking distance of our lodgings was fine by me!

Alex, our tour guide, only let us stay and play for a few minutes, but we’ve been back several times since. The water is clearer and greener than I’ve seen anywhere else, and small (if any) waves make swimming easy and fun.

I've never been so pleased to have 16:9 as a shooting option as I was here.

Our next stop was a look at the as-yet-unfinished Burj Dubai. You can see it from pretty much everywhere, but the view from Dubai Mall at the the foot of the tower was amazing.

We all have our fingers crossed to get tickets to see the inside of the Burj before we have to leave, and local news is full of stories about the tower because it opens tomorrow.

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