Posted by: absolutevan | 2009/12/29

Day 2: Dubai Museum, souks and crossing the creek

On our second day in the city, we took our tourbus into the older part of Dubai, where a museum sits inside of one of the oldest buildings still intact.

The museum consisted of a crude wall, built of stones and mud. Inside, a wide courtyard contained relics of the indigenous people. We saw canons and boats, and walked through a recreated home of the residents of Dubai’s past.

Underneath the courtyard is where the bulk of museum sits. There we saw exhibits about native animals and plants, a timeline of the city, photographs and relics.

As we’ve come to see that Dubai has a cultural vocabulary of only superlatives, I was amused, but not surprised to see descriptions in the museum using the same verbage. I remember seeing a blurb about the local fox, describing it as “The most beautiful animal in the Arabian desert,” which struck me as an odd editorializiation for a museum to include.

After the museum, we found a “souk” or market in the old section of Dubai. The walkways were narrow, and we saw a variety of goods. Smells of spices and the the sounds of haggling and bustling filled the air.

Near the souk, we saw a Hindu temple, and were told that here in Dubai, a Muslim country, religious freedom is tolerated but not presented outwardly in equal degree. So, the Hindu temple, which utilized Islamic design in the structure of the building, showed evidence of Hindu art near and around the front of the building.

Once we made our way through the souk, we found ourselves at the creek that runs through the old part of Dubai. rickety boat taxis lined each side of the creek, and we payed to cross to the other side, to a different part of the downtown souk.


  1. Wow, I didn’t read that about the fox in the museum! How strange, but I am not that surprised after everything we have seen.

  2. I really enjoy your pictures by the way, especially the one in the souk where the guy is leaning looking out into the creek.

    • That’s one of my favorites too, and the last one where the man is looking off into the distance… and the one where it looks like you can step in and walk down the street… ok, I have too many favorites…

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