Posted by: jlherbst | 2009/12/29

Day 2: Old Dubai

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

After getting an overview tour of the city, we visited old Dubai.  It was an interesting contrast from the glitz and glamor of touristy new Dubai to the older more quaint Dubai. We first stopped at the Dubai museum to learn about the culture and history of Dubai, and how it has transformed in the last 50 years.

The alleys of Old Dubai

The Spice Souk

We then wandered through the narrow back alleys to get to the souks (markets).

In the Spice Souk our senses were bombarded by the aromas.

The Gold Souk

The Gold Souk had shop after shop filled with all kinds of jewelery.

An Abra crossing the Creek

An Abra (water taxi) took us across the Creek where the Textile Souk is located.  Later in the week we were able to take time to peruse the shops and try out our bargaining skills with the locals.


  1. Great photos, Joseph!

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