Posted by: cherbst | 2009/12/30

Day 3: Desert Safari and Dinner

When I first heard that we were going on a desert safari, I wondered what type of animals would be included.  Then I googled what a desert safari was and found this video.  Speaking from personal experience, the desert safari is not a motion sickness friendly adventure.  It had the potential of being a lot of fun, but I spent most of my time concentrating on deep breathing and on not vomiting.  I tried to keep my complaints to a minimum as to not disturb my dune bashing buddies experiences.  We stopped a couple times to take photos and experience the beauty of the desert environment.

Cassie, Stacey, and Chrystall

I took advantage of breathing in fresh air and letting my stomach settle.  I was so grateful when our vehicles finally reached camp.  The outside walls of the camp look like a fort.  Inside we found a variety of activities to keep us busy like getting pictures with a falcon, henna painting, shisha smoking, and camel rides, while dinner was being prepared.  The highlights of evening were the delicious flat bread, rice, and hummus, as well as the henna art I got painted on my hand.

getting my henna done

I think I’ll take a good dose of dramamine before heading out on my next desert safari.

completed henna

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