Posted by: nkunz1 | 2009/12/31

Day 4 – Emirate Hills / Ibn Battuta Mall

A lush green landscape is the last thing anyone would expect to see on the Arabian Peninsula. However, the Emirate Hills is exactly that. Named after Beverly Hills, the Emirate Hills property consists of luxurious villas, beautiful green grass, lakes, ponds, and a world class 18 hole golf course. Many students were under the impression that the Emirate Hills was a sustainable community; we quickly discovered it was anything but. Coupled with our visit to the Emirate Hills was our visit to the Ibn Battuta Mall. Created in celebration of the great 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta, the Ibn Battuta Mall was divided into section that reflexed the regions that he explored; China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia. Experiencing the many different environments all contained in one building was fascinating, the shopping was not.

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