Posted by: cherbst | 2010/01/02

Day 6: Obermeyer Faust Design Firm

While in Abu Dhabi, we visited an architecture firm called Obermeyer Faust.  They are based out of Germany, but do work in the UAE. Two of the architects, one from the U.S. and the other from Germany, sat down with our group to talk about design. They showed us one of their most recent projects- a hospital in Al Ain.

This meeting was actually more interesting for me than I thought it would be. I asked quite a few questions. Their design was really great- they built atriums throughout the hospital so that every patient room has a window for natural light- the atriums also allow for shorter hallways. The rooms are designed so that most medical equipment can be hidden. Which is less stressful for patients because they aren’t assuming that all the equipment will all be used on them.  Based on the animations, drawings, and renderings they showed us, it is definitely a hospital that I would love to work in. The other neat thing is that Muslim culture influences the design. For example, the rooms are much larger because their families are large and they all come visit when someone is ill.

They explained that the labor and delivery rooms have an extra sitting room attached to them for family and there is a lot of space for flowers. I was very impressed because hospital rooms in the U.S. are built to the minimum standard because space is money.  But here they allow for the extra space because it will help their patients feel more comfortable and hopefully aid in the healing process.

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